At The Indar Weir Travel Centre we're "Making it Easier to Travel!"

The Indar Weir Travel Centre is a boutique travel agency operating in the island paradise Barbados.  Established in October of 1997 it has evolved into a market leading and trend setting agency.

The Indar Weir Travel Centre has distinguished itself through visionary leadership and has been able to navigate the choppy waters of change. As a result, it has become renowned for its well planned and innovative travel concepts. Empowerment and continued excellence are the hallmark of the organization.

Why Indar Weir Travel Centre?

  • Over 150 years industry experience at work.
  • Established since 1997, with over 17 years of making it easier to travel, providing impeccable customer services and selling momentous experiences.
  • Highly trained professional team
  • Access to the latest technological and industry related trends
  • Well known and respected within the industry having built and maintained several partnerships
  • Excellent value for money
  • Budget Planning; ensuring that we have affordable options for all
  • We cater specifically to your travel needs ensuring that your expectations are met and often exceeded
  • Exceedingly customer oriented team
  • Loyal and satisfied customers